Academical Heritage Review

The Academical Heritage Review is the University of Virginia’s own history undergraduate research journal. It has been  published by the University Historical Society since the society’s inception in 2009.

Editorial Policy 

The Academical Heritage Review is published by the University Historical Society, a completely student-run Contracted Independent Organization at the University of Virginia devoted to promoting the study of history at U.Va. as well as showcasing its rich history. We strive to publish work that displays originality of thought as well as depth of research. AHR is published bi-annually, and there is an open application process each semester for the composition of the Editorial Board. Every submission is independently reviewed by at least two editors, and final decisions regarding the content of the Review are made by the full Editorial Board at a table read. All submissions are reviewed anonymously by the editors in order to ensure the fairest evaluation on the merits of the work. The Editorial Board retains full discretion to edit works that are published. The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the University Historical Society, the Academical Heritage Review or the editors. Inquiries about obtaining copies of the Review, submitting to future issues, or concerning subscriptions should be directed to:

The University Historical Society

PO Box 400715, SAC Box 90

Charlottesville, VA 22904


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