Cavalier Daily: Journal set for release next month

17 Mar

Check out the feature article in the Cavalier Daily about the Academical Heritage Review

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Journal set for release next month

University Historical Society unleashes Academical Heritage Review for to showcase research

David Replogle, Cavalier Daily Associate Editor

March 17, 20100

The Academical Heritage Review — a new, student-run undergraduate research journal for historical scholarship — will debut the first week of April.

The University Historical Society, the newly formed contracted independent organization behind the journal, aims to provide students interested in history with a new outlet to display their work through the publication.

“I think part of what makes the experience at the University so special is that students have opportunities for undergraduate research almost anywhere they could want to find it,” President Thomas Howard said. “Our journal provides an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their hard work.”

The publication, which the society promoted through the history department and students organizations such as the University Guide Services, is solely a product of the students who work for it, Howard said.

“Sometime in the future we might work with professors, but as for now it’s in a completely unique position,” he said. “One of the challenges of the journal has been the lack of recognition, but so far we’ve had a strong number of applications.”

Open to all undergraduate students, the journal still is accepting online submissions via its Web site until March 25. After the deadline, an editorial board will review each proposal twice. Submissions that receive the best feedback will be reviewed by the entire organization’s board, which will decide what commentaries will make the final cut.

Although the editorial team is not sure exactly how many articles will be published in the inaugural volume of the Academical Heritage Review, the journal probably will contain about 250 pages of printed material. After publishing the first issue during the first week of April, the society plans to release additional issues once a semester in the future. The publication’s printing costs have been covered by funding from Student Council, Howard added.

Content-wise, the journal’s submissions have been leaning toward the early American time period, society treasurer Owen Gallogly said. The society, however, is “looking for a wide range of perspectives,” he said.

In particular, Gallogly said he hopes the journal may include research that veers from the norm.

“Anybody could pick up a book about Jefferson and forge some sort of project out of what’s already been written,” he said. “We’re not necessarily looking for the most advanced research but we want different angles — stuff that people can read and say, ‘Wow, I haven’t heard about this before.’ We’re looking for students to bring something new to the table.”

Although the society does not want to reveal specific research topics that have been submitted so far, the group is pleased with how many students have taken the initiative to apply.

“At the beginning of this project, we were just hoping to get enough submissions to fill the entire journal,” Gallogly said. “But within a couple of days, we were overflowing with articles.”


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