Submit your Research to the Academical Heritage Review

19 Feb

Would like to have your original historical research published? Now is your chance. Submit your research to the undergraduate journal of the University Historical Society, the Academical Heritage Review. The submission form is located in left hand column of this website.

Your submission should be original research conducted and written while an undergraduate student at U.Va. It may cover any subject, though the focus of the journal will be on American History and the history of the University. Appropriate topics that are not pure history, for example American Legal Development, may also be considered. All undergraduates are welcome to submit, both Majors and Non-Majors alike.

The deadline for submission for publication in the Spring 2010 issue is March 25th.

Don’t hesitate to contact the editorial staff with questions at


2 Responses to “Submit your Research to the Academical Heritage Review”

  1. anna March 16, 2010 at 9:03 am #

    If the intention of your organization is to “promote the study of History at U.Va.” then it would be appropriate for you to accept submissions involving areas other than only US History. American history is not the only concentration that is offered by the UVA History Department, you know. Some people at UVA seem to forget this.

    • uhsvirginia March 16, 2010 at 9:39 am #


      You’re absolutely right. We do intend to accept all submissions to The Academical Heritage Review and in fact we’ve already received several on topics other than American History. The line above was meant merely to say that the focus of the journal would be on American and U.Va. history. I’ve clarified that language. You are certainly welcome to submit research on any topic of history.

      Sorry for the confusion!

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